Technologies QR-code technology

In our technology, QR code is not just a picture redirecting a user to an information resource; it’s mainly a certain information in an encrypted form that leads to a specific action – to interaction.

QR-code technology allows to:

Perform the transfer or exchange of money, bonuses or their analogues
Send or receive certain information stored in the database
Pass authorization on the website or in the self-service terminal
Perform check-in or check-out at a certain event or in a store


Unique wallet QR-code linked to a cell phone number or, if necessary, to a specific smartphone. This unique QR-code is, in fact, an identifier of the wallet owner. QR-code can be read with another mobile application installed, for example, on a merchant smartphone, or with a special scanner, which are usually located in retail outlets and connected with a cash unit. QR-code scanning allows you to start interaction with the customer’s wallet including writing off or accruing money, retrieving information from the client ‘s Web-passport, etc.)
Powerful QR-scanner built in a wallet. The scanner allows you to read external QR codes printed on paper, displayed on a smartphone or TV screen, or located on a product packaging, in a few seconds. Scanning an external QR code can transmit specific data about wallet owner, or just a user info, to the server.