Technologies Linking Visa and MasterCard cards

Pay by card without a card!

Any Visa or MasterCard bank card can be linked to a mobile wallet in just a few minutes. After linking the card, customers can pay for purchases with their mobile wallet even if they do not have a credit card with them!

After linking a card, you can pay with the mobile wallet:

Without a card

even without physical presence of the plastic card (in retail outlets integrated with mobile wallet)

Without dangler

without entering payment data each time you make an online transaction (if the website can communicate with the wallet through scanning a QR code with mobile wallet)

In one click

right in the mobile wallet (paying for railway tickets, utilities, mobile refill, etc.)


It will take only a few minutes to link a card. All you have to do is to specify details that you normally enter while paying online, including card number, etc.
Does any card fit? Don’t worry! A card can be issued by any bank of the World, without limitations!
Your customer has several bank cards? No problem! The number of cards that can be linked, is not limited.