Technologies Bonus wallet

Nothing is as motivating for making a purchase of goods or services as various kinds of bonuses and discounts. We digitize loyalty cards and make them available directly in the mobile wallet. Now, your customers don’t need to carry kilos of loyalty cards with them.

Bonus Wallet allows you to:

Store any unit (wallet can keep any value units different from money such as bonuses, points, liters of gasoline, miles, cups of coffee, chances to win prizes, etc.)

Accrue, write off (there’s dedicated processing under the bonus wallet that allows accruing and writing off bonuses in exchange for rewards or money), and to transfer bonuses between wallets

Receive unis of value from a merchant or manufacturer or to refill a wallet (bonuses or their analogues can be added by merchants or manufacturers within loyalty programs or promo campaigns; the customers can refill their wallets by buying, for example, a hundred of coffee cups in bulk and gradually writing off a cup after cup using QR technology each time they visit a coffee shop)


The technology allows customers to create unlimited number of wallets with various value units
Bonus wallet can be used as part of a loyalty program or within promotional campaign
Detailed history of all bonus transactions is available within the wallet