Segments Online shops

Oh, those usernames and passwords. Plenty of accounts at plenty of websites. How to remember them all ... Simplify your customers’ life. Give them the opportunity to log in to your web-site with a mobile wallet. Moreover, payment for goods collected in the shopping cart, will be quick and successful. In addition, your customers don’t have to remember even the card number. All cards are linked to the wallet and available for payment in one click.

How online stores benefit from mobile wallet?

New user-friendly authentication tool for websites, reducing the time of authorization
Additional handy tool for cashless payment
Strengthening the brand through the more frequent contact with the brand through the use of wallet payment functions
Additional earnings from financial services
Increasing customer loyalty through the introduction or modernization of loyalty programs
Growth of technological intensity and differentiation from competitors through application of unique technologies

Customer case studies

A customer logs in a website within seconds using a smartphone
The customer pays in the online store using a smartphone without credit card details
Collecting bonuses and payment for the next purchase using the accumulated bonuses