Segments Retailers

Want to stay connected with your customers? What could be more convenient than branded mobile wallet? Mobile wallet is a new real-time tool for communication with customers, a modern way to pay with smartphone at a store without physical presence of a plastic card. Moreover, the customer can do without visiting your point of sale simply by making a purchase at a mobile store and getting all the goods delivered.

How retailers benefit from mobile wallet?

Automation of customer self-service
Additional tool for cashless payment for goods and services
Reducing the duration of purchase
Additional earnings from financial services
Strengthening the brand through the more frequent contact with the brand through the use of wallet payment functions
Increasing customer loyalty through the introduction or modernization of loyalty programs
Growth of technological intensity and differentiation from competitors through application of unique technologies

Customer case studies

Smartphone payments for purchases without a plastic card or cash
Full self-service at a supermarket
Collecting bonuses and payment for the next purchase using the accumulated bonuses