Segments Retail manufacturers

Manufacturers of consumer goods are now as close to their customers as never before. With your mobile wallet, your customers can easily participate in various promotional campaigns, and you are always aware of who and how responds to your marketing activities. Moreover, after participating in your marketing activities, the customers stays with you, because he or she has downloaded your mobile wallet, and you can easily reach him or her every time you have something new and exciting to offer.

How retail manufacturers can benefit from a mobile wallet?

It’s a tool to attract new customers by selling non-contractual products
Strengthening the brand through the more frequent contact with the brand through the use of wallet payment functions
Additional earnings from financial services
Growth of technological intensity and differentiation from competitors through application of unique technologies

Customer case studies

Purchase of goods from the manufacturer to obtain an instant reward for the purchase
Additional direct sales for loyalty program participants from the manufacturer
Collecting bonuses and payment for the next purchase using the accumulated bonuses