Segments Fuel stations

Your customers are always in a hurry and expect the highest level of service? Then offer them a mobile wallet enabling them to refuel without leaving their car. A customer visits a station and opens the mobile wallet. The gasoline is paid in a few seconds. In addition, some delicacies can be ordered on the way to the gas station. When the customer arrives, his or her order is ready and paid.

How fuel stations can benefit from mobile wallet?

Additional tool for cashless payment
Reducing the time of servicing
Additional earnings from financial services
Growth in sales of related products
Strengthening the brand through the more frequent contact with the brand through the use of wallet payment functions
Increasing customer loyalty through the introduction or modernization of loyalty programs
Growth of technological intensity and differentiation from competitors through application of unique technologies

Customer case studies

Instant service: payment for refueling in a comfort of a car
Saving time by pre-ordering on the go (snacks or related products)
Saving time and money: buying fuel directly in the mobile app
Transfers on the go (between cards within one country) by phone number