Products Self-service in retail outlets

Now your customers with mobile wallets can be both consumers and cashiers. The process of shopping in the supermarket becomes not only fast, but also interesting. You scan bar codes of goods yourself, sending them to the shopping cart. At the same time, you see your list of goods you’ve added on the wallet screen with all the items and cost. Now you don’t have to wait until the cashier scans all your products. He or she scans your wallet’s barcode. And you choose the card and make the payment right from the wallet.

How and where your customers can make a purchase without a cashier


The customer walks around a supermarket and scans barcodes of goods before adding them to his or her shopping cart


The customer observes how the check is formed on the screen of the mobile wallet. If necessary, any item can be removed


The customer comes to an express checkout, bypassing the usual queue to the cashbox. The cashier reads the unique wallet QR-code from the customer’s mobile device. Information about the check is transmitted to the cashier, the customer selects a card for payment in his or her mobile wallet and completes the purchase


The cashier sees the payment confirmation and closes the check after visual control of the purchase composition