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How inconvenient it is when you have a whole bunch of different bonus cards and loyalty cards inside your wallet. It’s much better when all your cards are digitized and are stored within a mobile wallet. Our solution will enable your customers to transform their physical cards in electronic form; and if you do not have a loyalty program, we create a turnkey solution for you.

How the wallet operates with loyalty programs?

Digitization of already issued
loyalty cards

If the customer already has any loyalty card with a bar code, then it is necessary to enter a number of this card or scan its barcode with the wallet scanner
The card with the bar-code will automatically appear in the relevant section. For the best recognition in the wallet, the customer can take a picture of the front of the plastic card and save it
Now the customer should not carry a stack of cards to get the points, bonuses, and discounts. Just show the bar code from the screen at a cashbox and get benefits

The integration of existing loyalty
card balances

If you want the client to be able not only to show an electronic loyalty card at the cashbox, but also to see information about the accrued and written-off bonuses, as well as the card balance, it is necessary to integrate the loyalty program with your mobile wallet
The customer submits her e-loyalty card for scanning and sees the bonuses accrued and written of in the real-time mode

Turnkey loyalty program

If you don’t have a loyalty program, if you want to make your existing loyalty program more universal and more automated or if you want to simply replace it, we have the optimal turnkey solution for you