Products Geolocation

Mobile wallet is called mobile because it can easily recommend not only the location of the nearest requested store, but also calculate the distance and create a route. In addition, geolocation will enable you to learn more about your customers and to communicate with them not only at the right time and on the selected subject, but also in the right place.

How does geolocation service work?

Point of sale or point of service
on the map

All the stores or service points are mapped according to their coordinates. When you hover a store the necessary information is displayed including its schedule and particular features (if necessary)
After selecting a specific point, the customer can see the distance to it and the route (on foot, by car, by public transport)

Push notifications at the
customer’s location

In the case of setting a geolocation service, the customer receives push notifications in the mobile wallet only if she or he is located at a certain distance from the point specified when sending notifications (specific coordinates are set)
It allows you to target your audience for campaigns more precisely. It will result to the better desired response to the campaign – the customers will more likely visit the outlet