Products Communication with customers

Mobile wallet offers communication tools enabling brands to be as close to their customers as never before. Reaching customers via mobile wallet not only guarantees the minimum time between sending and reading a message, but also provides almost unlimited opportunities for social-like interaction via messengers or chats.

How does customer communication services work?


You can inform customers about everything valuable and useful through the news feed inside mobile wallet
The most important news can be supported by push notifications
News can be sorted by month

Push notifications

If you want to inform your customers or send a service or technical message to them, push notifications are at your disposal
Push notifications enable collecting feedback from customers in a form of response to your questions with two alternative options
Push notifications can be geo-targeted by the customers’ location


Popular Telegram messenger (over 100 mln. downloads globally) can be built in your mobile wallet
Through the instant messenger, you can support your\ users, send them messages and promotional information