Why choose

We have already developed the mobile app – you get your own mobile wallet proven by QA testing as well as by successful commercial operation. You don’t have to hire a dedicated team – just order the application!

It’s quick and easy!Test

What do I get?

Your own
mobile app

We customize the iOS and Android application to suit your brand within a month

Your customers
are in touch with you

Your customers will enjoy your app while:

Paying for purchases, reviewing and using their bonuses;
Getting push notifications from you, being always informed about your promotions and special offers;
Making card-to-card transfers;
Ordering train tickets.

New sales

You will discover a new channel of communication and new opportunities to interact with your customers. Due to the geolocation feature, you’ll be able to anticipate your customers’ needs and desires.


Additional earnings

You will receive a fee from each transaction carried out by a customer

New audience

You will be able to attract new audience to your brand. Our app will urge users to action every day

New communication channel

Forget e-mail and SMS mailings, which no one reads. With the help of push notifications, you will be able to guarantee targeted delivery of the right information to each and every customer

Brand loyalty

You can easily implement an existing loyalty program to the application or create a new one. Also, you’ll be able to introduce cashback technology and bonus system

Time saving

Reducing the time of purchase as well as servicing time through the use of up-to-date technologies

Whose needs does this product satisfy?